The HiFive24, Freshly Baked and Fried Chicken, was born of our passion to bring healthy, homely and delicious chicken cooked to perfection, fresh from the farm to your dinner table.  Our freshly baked and fried chicken have no Mono Sodium Glutamate, are not made using frozen ingredients, and are made with trans-fat free oil. HiFive24 Baked and Fried Chicken brings to you the choice of health, without giving up on the taste!

Our Mission

To offer quality tasty food and superior services at a budget and to enable our partners attain their entrepreneurial goals.

Our Core Principles

Commit to continuous lerning
Promise to Improve
Willing to change
Building meaningful and rewarding partnerships

The Making of HiFive24 Baked and Fried Chicken of Dream Teams and Inspired Beginnings

Ranjan Moitra

Operational Director

Has spent most of his professional life leading the operations at one of North America's biggest fast food joints. He always harbored a dream to provide the choice of a healthy fast-food to a world struggling with obesity. After four decades of running the operations in Lower Mainland, he decided to create a healthier fast food restaurant! His vision found resonance in the spirit of his three partners - Monish, Milind and Suraj. He is also known as the Chicken King by his team mates. His love for freshly baked chicken along with good stories is well known among friends far and wide!

Milind Palashetkar

Operational Manager

Has the perfect success story of the Canadian dream. A talented hotel management graduate, Milind started his career with one of the prestigious hotel chains of India: The Leela Kempinski. From starting as a supervisor to running the show his growth curve was exponential. Soon after he was invited to Canada by one of the Canadian favorites Tim Hortons. At Tim Horton's he was the general manager and the operational superstar for 9 years. But like a true Canadian, he decided to make a run for his dreams. Now as the founding partner of Hi Five 24 Freshly Baked and Fried Chicken, he dreams of taking it to a global scale.

Favourite Hi Five food:  Coleslaw and Chicken wings!

Suraj Sharma

Store Sales Manager

Grew up in the beautiful hills of Nepal. An electrical engineer by education, Suraj managed the electrical engineering for Hyatt Hotel for about 7 years. His leadership skills made him a manager at a prestigious chain of hotels and restaurants at the Bahamas. After a couple of years there, he moved to Canada.  He worked his way up a leading fast-food chain in Vancouver. Within few years he became the regional manager and oversaw 15 restaurants in Vancouver! So when Ranjan was searching for his dream team, Suraj was an obvious choice for Hi Five 24.
However, in the past years, he has created something wonderful other than Hi Five 24: his newborn daughter. As a dad and a founding partner, Suraj wants to raise Hi Five 24  to much greater heights.

Favourite Hi Five Food:  Chicken Tenders

Monish Chakraborti

Finance Controler

Is the wizard of numbers He has seen enough calculations for the past 15 years of working in leading financial institutions of the country to predict what works and what doesn't.  His experience includes working for retail chains and one of the Big Five banks in Canada. At Hi Five, While he is not crunching numbers and balancing sheets, he plays Tabla (Percussion Instrument) in concerts.

Favourite Hi Five Food: Baked Sandwich and Chicken Wedges.


We worked diligently on the magic recipe to marry taste and health in the perfect bucket of HiFive24 Freshly Baked and Fried Chicken!
We opened the first store in 2016, in the corner of Marine Drive and Main Street in Vancouver, Canada. Every day, we host 20-30 new customers, who become our friends for life. We have the vision to open 12 more stores in the city, in the next five years.
With our friendly service and healthy food choices, we have quickly become a neighborhood favorite. Whether you prefer your chicken baked or fried, bland or spicy, - we have something for your taste! Our customers are raving about our food. Join the club!


 What sets the HiFive24 team apart is that we think of you as a friend would. Your lifeline is more important to Hifive24 than our bottom line.
HiFive24 is your friendly neighborhood diner - your kitchen away from your home. The team hand-picks the freshest ingredients, carefully avoiding the frozen aisles. Our recipe uses trans-fat free oil and absolutely no Mono-Sodium Glutamate at all.



HiFive24 Freshly Baked and Fried Chicken is ready to serve you with a friendly smile, any time of the day or night. Oh yes, we are open 24/7!  So, dine, cater, or take-away anytime in Vancouver - just think HiFive24 Freshly Baked and Fried Chicken!


 We are a 100% Canadian company. At our heart, we carry the same spirit of sharing and diversity that makes Canada special. Diversity is core to our menu where we give equal importance to vegetarian, non-vegetarian, healthy, and tasty food options. Our team is diverse and friendly. All the core principles of a truly Canadian company!


At HiFive24, we are committed to giving back to the community around us. Our Senior Citizen discounts are a community favorite. They are also our absolute favorite customers!


Our food is provided at half-price to the local Police Force. God bless them for their relentless service!
Gift Card Partners with Canadian Blood Donor Service
We have a Gifting Program for all Blood Donors. Whenever you donate blood we provide a gift card for you!
A quote from our Director of Donor Relations for BC & Yukon, David Patterson: "Our thanks to Hi-Five for encouraging people to donate blood this spring break. With many people away, we have an immediate need for donors through Easter weekend"


We are a regular at sponsoring Community Events. Recently, we sponsored a Chinese community event of great success.
Hi Five 24 is all set to take over the world, with love and plates of healthy chicken. Come, taste our brilliant food, and become a part of our beautiful journey!

Contact Info

  • 203 SE Marine Dr, Vancouver, BC V5X 3L6

  • 604 327 4898

  • info@hifive24.com

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